Hello! I'm Michelle.

I coach you how to transform your space that moves your soul and awaken the senses.

Anyone can decorate and style a room or space.

But how many can do this with your exisiting items? 

As a sustainable interior coach I know it isn’t just about polished spaces and pretty furnitures & decorations. 

It’s much more. It’s about inspiration, the right fit for your needs and live your best life ever, right now.

Your home, office or shop is a true reflection of your personality!


With an unlimited budget anyone can change and decorate a beautiful space. 

But can they reach into your core so that the environment completely embodies your personality and lifestyle? 

Working online or onsite with me is a fun and affordable way to transform your space into a beautiful, inviting and cosy place! 

I support you throughout the change online and/or onsite to make sure your place, office, shop or restaurant looks fantastic and inviting!

My goal is to make you feel awesome!

Stay tuned with all my news, best deals and upcoming events!

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