This is how homes are made!

Discover the Unique Art of the PetitMethod and finally live your life aligned & with purpose in an environment of your desires! 

Discover how to live your life in an energetically aligned place.

Feeling at home can’t be found in any magazin or DYI-Youtube video,  it only can be found from within.

I believe everyone deserves a beautifully designed home, to feel genuinely happy and that this can be done with what you already have.  

Living a life in an aligned home doesn’t just happen, it happens because you make it happen! 

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Living a life in an aligned home doesn’t just happen, it happens because you make it happen! 

I am looking for the place to be & feel home!

If you are based in Switzerland and you are looking for the place, the house, the apartment or simply a piece of land to build your dream home - I am holding the key in my hands for it.

With 25 years of real estate & interior design the expertise and contacts are served on your silver plate.
Go for it!

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As a special bonus, I am giving away my favorite guides!

Ready to create the home of your dreams?

Here are the easiest solutions to work with me to get actionable, momentum-building advice perfectly paired with your current stage in your mindset & your home.

Michelle loves well designed interior spaces that make people feel safe, cozy and surrounded by beauty in their home. Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, in a relationship with her soulmate, a mother of two grownups and 3 Dogs she got sick of watching so many women struggle with the overwhelmed feelings of stress and embarrassment relating to their homes. 

Her goal is to create the perfect home that suits all the needs by not buying new stuff! 

Are you ready to change your home, life, stop playing small, step into your power, and claim the home & life you know you are truly meant to live? 

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