Le Petit Studio
stress-free homes for classy family leaders.

 Hi, I am Michelle and I help females to create a cozy, stress-free and society proof family home with my unique triple-s-method. 

Structured. Smart. Sustainable.

Because You will never feel home without feeling home within you.

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Intelligent design, structured, smart and sustainable for your home

How to live your life in a structured, smart organized and well decorated place?

Feeling home can't be found in any magazin, DYI-Youtube video or Pinterest-board.

I genuinely stand for well being at home, good organisation, smart change and sustainable design. 

Why LePetitStudio?

At LePetitStudio, I do what I do – with all my heart.
From structuring and organising a new kitchen to supporting you as a woman to create the best home you can live in. Because I believe that feeling home is only kick'n in once you settled at home within you first. My work is definitely not the one from the classical designer. Nope.
I know, understand and believe - that feeling home begins with feeling home inside of first.
Being smart & well structured at home, can make your life little bit happier and easier. But feeling genuily at home is not an outside job.

My work contains the yin and yang.
If you work with me you'll discover your struggles, your beliefs and habits which are holding you back. Why your living room doesn't feel cosy, why your entry or hallway are a mess and why your bathroom is more a "functional place" then an oasis of tranguillity. If your furniture, the inheried piece, or resently new pieces aren't fitting together - it's not because you don't have the right Pinterest boad. It's because inside of you some work isn't done yet. Your home is simply a reflectio n of who you really are!
I always ask myself what could I do better?
And that’s where my unique Triple-S Formula comes in.
By using the easy and effectiv triple-s method we create together the most aligned place, which you finally can call your home. 
Structured. Smart. Sustainable. With my unique formula we make your home the best that it can be.
If you’re thinking of realigning your life and home I’ve got all the tools you’ll need in one place, ready to create your very own version of the home of your dreams!
Because You will never feel home without feeling home within you.

The smart process: what to expect?

Whenever you embark on a design project with me you’ll work with me personally.

I’ll be your coach, your living pinterest board, your impartial second opinion and your guiding hand.
I am here to take the overwhelm t out of your believe-system.

You'll learn through my clear and easy guidance to trust yourself again, to take action and together we are moving towards the home where you do not want to leave.

The first consulation is for free in your home or over video call.

Here are three ways to work with me. 
With what I can help
Living a life in an aligned home doesn’t just happen, it happens because you make it happen! 

Special gift!

As a special bonus, I am giving away my favorite guides!

Michelle loves well-designed interior spaces that make people feel safe, comfortable, cosy and surrounded by beauty in their homes. Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, in a relationship with her soulmate, a mother of two grownups and 3 Dogs, she got sick of watching so many women struggle with the overwhelming stress and embarrassment relating to their homes. 

Her goal is to create well-organized and smart decorated homes that suit all the family members’ needs. 

Here are some of the exciting stories

What will your transformation look like?

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