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...the sustainable way of creating is my passion!

I upgrade homes, rooms & spaces into extraordinary
- with your existing items!

Make your shine without buying new stuff!

Action & Creativity

The sustainable way of being

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Action & creativity are my favourite words. 

From experience I know, it can take a lot time and energy to build a beautiful and welcoming home. 

Planing an efficient and ergonomical workspace can be a challenge. So as an inviting and cosy shop or cafes. Where people love to gather and spend time to read a book or work in a beautiful environment, can concentrate and the surrounding fits their needs. 

I am sure you have been to places, where you immediately felt like home or where you could not focus. 

Upgrading spaces, so people feel good and happy, is one of my passions. I make sure this is doable without you buying new stuff or items. 

With my ambitious personality I support you throughout the process of change. With ease and efficiency I show you the way how to create the environment that fits your needs.

You might want to upgrade your daughter’s room because she moved. 

The time is right to finally change the livingroom. 

You might want to upgrade your apartment to attract a new buyer.

Whatever you need to change – I’m in!  

Let’s upgrade.

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