3 Month Full Transformational Home Coaching Package

Some people will achieve a beautiful home for sure... and many others will struggle.

and what they hear was...

"You're one DYI Video away..."

"You need to follow her on Instagram"

"What you need is this brand..."


1:1 cOACHING FOR 1600€ / mONTH

The fact that you’re reading this means you’re probably like most of my clients. 

As a Women you are juggling with a whole bunch of daily tasks along with a million other responsibilities. 

You may or may not have already realized that you should letting go of this perfectionism and comparing yourself with all social media interior queens. 

   But well, let’s be honest, you aren’t.

Instead, you hold on feeling like your ideas aren't good enough yet to create a beautiful home the way you want, need and love.

Let me tell you...

I've been there and I know this urge trying to get everything organized and cozy, can drive you nuts. 

Why ? 

Because you somehow know - it has a major impact on our daily schedules, family life and health.

Right ? 


let's dive deeper

Transforming a house/apartment into a home needs committment. 

During the 3 month we are going to get a clear concept on your needs and way of living. 

We are going to bring structure into your hole house/apartment from the cellar to the roof. 

Your home becomes the place where everybody will gather, where dinners with friends will remind you of precious moments and where you simply feel at peace. 

Your home will start to be the place you might aren’t able to even imagine yet. 

But these 3 month of transformation are the ones where permanent happiness and change happens.


It’s not downloading checklists on how to do it!

It’s not about buying new things over and over again or implementing finalized concepts from stores. 

It’s not putting incredible mental and physical effort into trying.

 You know exactly what it means to take responsibility.

You’re smart and ambitious. 

You have no problem getting shit done. 

You didn’t get to where you are by sitting back, wishing upon a star and hoping for life to bring you what you wanted.

What tools are needed?

You want to have an electrical screwdriver, pincers, hammer, nails, screwdrivers items.​

How is the payment done?

You can pay through PAYPAL or Bank Transfer upfront or by a 3 MONTH PAY-PLAN + 20% of the FULL AMOUNT.

Are there any extra costs you have to consider?

Sustainability is the key. We'll start with your items you have. Of course you are free to add or buy new furniture or decoration. The focus is on what you already have - and then add new things.

if you consider to book me onsite

All travel costs (outside of the Area Zürich/Zug or if you book me from abroad Switzerland ) will be charged extra. Further purchases of new stuff, like decoration, furniture or any other needed items aren't included in the coaching price. Craftsmen work, floor installers, carpenters, painters, plasterers, electricians have also to be paid extra. COVID RULES ARE RESPECTED


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