Play it all in!

My mission is to change the way society approaches sustainability when it comes to interiors, rooms and spaces. 

This is where smart, ambitious and self-aware humans just like you, come to build inviting and sustainable enviroments they desire.

Therefore we start with what You already have!

I believe if every person understands the importance of being surrounded with the right furnishing, energy and colors…the world would be a different place!

When you've reached major shifts in your environment your status is:

You feel proud, confident and gained the freedom of time.

Your checklist has the tag “done” and you’re motivated and efficient.

You are boldly inviting your family, friends and business partners.

Your environment achieved the structure and look you craved for.

You feel satisfied, fulfilled and able to focus on life without distraction.

What a beautiful enviroment it's NOT about

My gift and promise:

to make you the happiest person in the room and achieve your ambition for yourself !

It’s NOT about buying new things over and over again.

It’s NOT about saving endless pinterest pictures in your phone or implementing finalized concepts from stores. 

It’s NOT putting incredible mental and physical effort into trying. 

Many try to change their space over and over again and give up because there is no success.  Just by ignoring the unwellness surrounding change never showed up.

The most efficient way to get started ?...

it's simple...book a free breakthrough call here & now!

Before we start, check this!

if you book me onsite pls consider

All travel costs ( outside of Switzerland ) will be charged extra. Further purchases of new stuff, like decoration, furnitures or any other needed items aren't included in the coaching price. Craftsmens work, floor installers, carpenters, painters, plasterers, electrician have also to be paid extra. 

What tools are needed ?

You want to have an electrical screw driver, pincers, hammer, nails, screw drivers items.​

How the payment is done ?

You can pay through PAYPAL or Banktransfer upfront or by a 3 MONTH PAY-PLAN + 20% of the FULL AMOUNT.

Are there any extra costs you have to consider?

Sustainability is the key. We'll start with your items you have. Of course you are free to add or buy new furnitures or decoration. The focus is on what you already have - and then add new things.

How much time do you have to invest ?

The 12 week program outline is perfect to redo your complete home. To get a concrete plan, book a call with me!

What my clients say