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100% Possible 100% Of The Time

My life is definitely not like most peoples life. 


I drove a VW for a long period – then I bought myself my little Mermaid – a Mini Cooper S – and for years I wore some random rain boots to walk my three dogs….since a couple of month I bought myself hunters…

Leveling up, change and simply following my path drives me. Many changes in life they appeared through unconcious reasons, the day I discovered Jim Fortin and his podcast, my life changed. In his program I learned to live my life from the inside out! 


Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love

I work with purpose-driven Women who have an idea but are struggling with creating a inviting, cosy and beautiful home.

How did I end up here?  

In 2016, burnt out with my beloved & cushy corporate job, I made the decision to step back, took a break for a year and went into another project corp. job which wasn’t at all satisfying. I started my side business in 2019 and invested a bunch of Swiss Francs into online business coaching courses. 

While in Corporate Furniture Business I worked with the big players and learned quite a bit. I had the good fortune to work with some really brilliant minds. I saw a need to specially help women who are simply overloaded with their tasks being a Mum, Business Woman and in the end handle the hole “home-organisation” even though they might have a cleaner or nanny.

I love well designed interior spaces that make people feel safe, cozy and surrounded by beauty at home and at work. I got sick of watching so many Women struggle with clutter, the overwhelmed feeling, stress and embarrassment about their homes.

For further information on my Professional Background, I invite you to visit my LinkedIn Profile.  

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