About Michelle

„hands-on-mentality“ & action taker – that’s how the world see’s me.

Client: „I would love to have a nice home-office“ 

Me: „Let’s do it, change it, move the desk, clean out your cabinets. Now.“ 

2h later the office is ready for work, for creativity and productiv projects. 

A home, kitchen, office, bed or livingroom that is classy, welcoming and cozy has always been important for me as an entrepreneur, single mom of two grown ups and a very curious person.

Being well at home is my base. I love to be organized and having a clear structure in my daily business. It gives me the power to move on in life.

It is my passion to create a lot out of nothing. Creating a beautiful enviroment makes my heart beat go faster. 

I grew up in a very normal and simple home, with a lot of love and support even though we did not have much; no fancy furniture labels in our little house – but there was always this feeling of being home.

Today I’m passionate about changing the world and empowering people through their home transformations!

One extremely impactful way to do that is to empower women  and men by putting more creativity into their hands.

My chosen role in the world is to help women  and men with their lack of creativity in their homes. To support and show them, in a very effective and simple way, how to get rid of fear and release inner creativity so that decoration and change is easily done – in no time.

After more than 25 years in real estate and interior design, where I have been inspired by many beautiful places, such as homes and offices, it’s time to make the world our home again!