Michelle Petit

My passion for interior design started already when I was a little girl. I was always ready for my next project even on my play date. I’ve come a LONG way from moving around my own room and home, to selling houses and furnitures. 

When I was working for the biggest Scandinavian Furniture  Supplier ( noooo not IKEA ) I noticed a big, glaring gap in the marketplace: 

The mindset, when it comes to the capability on creating a home with what people already have. 

It’s then I started my business! 

With my coachings and the signature course, The Blissful Living Academy my business made me and more than hundreds of women happy! 

Turning my personal dream into reality. 


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100% Possible 100% Of The Time

Creating a totally WOO-WOO Podcast "Turning Houses into WOW" because your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love!
If you need a little name dropping with what companies I worked in the past, you probably used the biggest one to find me 😉

LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit 3 About Michelle
LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit 53 About Michelle

How did I end up here?
In 2016 burnt out with my beloved & cushy corporate job, I made the decision to step back, took a break for a year and went into another project corp. job which wasn't at all satisfying. I started my side business in 2019 and invested a bunch of Swiss Francs into online business coaching courses.  While in Corporate Furniture Business I worked with the big players and learned quite a bit. I had the good fortune to work with some really brilliant minds. I saw a need to specially help women who are simply overloaded with their tasks being a Mum, Business Woman and in the end handle the hole "home-organisation" even though they might have a cleaner or nanny. For further information on my Professional Background, I invite you to visit my LinkedIn Profile. 

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