about the ability to step back

everyone who is not a 100% happy – including myself – is not doing something because of judgment of somebody else. not being a 100% happy was the key to leave my marriage – and yes, being unhappy was reason enough to leave. some said it was ego, others crazy and some others mentioned some other shit. actually ? I did not care and I still not do. I care the most about myself first. that’s egoistic ? hell it is and for some good reasons. how in the whole univers can you make your world around happy if you aren’t ? mission impossible. the day I left was my biggest breakthrough I took a step or even 3 backwards – I did not care – as I was happy from the insight out. I heard my heartbeat again.

having the ability stepping back, is the key to real happiness.

I was the cleaning woman years back, for many business ladies, I organized their house, their laundry and shopping. I took care of their dog, changed beds and made lunch. I also took care of elder couple once a week as she was sick, not able to take care about anything as the house was huge.

I never ever thought it was a shitty time or that I wasn’t worth it. I always knew, this builds my fundament to grow and to appreciate every and each single step toward my own vision week by week, month by month, year by year. If you have been there – literally nothing can break you and nothing can scare you. these years working as a housekeeper, next to my normal other official job, taking care of two children and trying to find out where my passion is hiding I learned to love myself and be grateful for my abilities to create a lot out of nothing.

stepping back is humility. it opens space for your strength and it leads to unconditional love.

LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit jgd34497_michellep_2015 about the ability to step back

striving for your own happiness is the best trip you can book in your life. direction one way!

stop caring what other think, go your own way, change your home, your job or your partner if it doesn’t make you sincerly happy and keep in mind if others start to attack you in one or another way it’s always a reflection of their own unhappiness.

life is too short to listen to other opinions. step back if you think you should turn around. step back, move into a smaller apartment. sell or donate your stuff and go for a weekend to verona instead.

declutter from the insight out is nothing else then stepping back and get rid of stuff which holds you back from doing whatever your heart beats for.

open up the shop you always wanted to have – if it doesn’t work out, at least you can say, you gave it a try.

start to write this book – if its not gonna be published you left a legacy anyway.

invite your neighbours and get to know them – who knows what they been through.

stepping back is nothing else then declutter your soul and will lead to the fulfillment of your heart trust me I’ve been there and I booked this trip!

Stepping back for me for many years in the past created the craft to communicate my vision to this wonderful world. laugh at me – I will smile back from the stage I am on – while talking about this post.



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