Transforming your space online opens up new perspectives.

Enroll the change online. Easy. Fast. Efficient.

Changing your space online can be done from anywhere. We start with a clear plan to ensure we achieve the goals in time. With the moodboards that were made in advance we can start to upgrade the specific room. Your personal style and pieces of furniture will be implemented in the transformation. Some pieces can be placed or used in a different way. Let me show you how!

Choose the perfect plan


Choose from one topic below
  • How to place your kids at the table so they are calm
  • How to place small lamps to create cosyness
  • How to place your bed so you sleep well
  • How to place your sofa so you can relax


Make it pretty!
  • 2h Coaching on how to structure & decorate your bookshelve
  • Shopping advice incl. links
  • Personalized ideas


  • Questionnair
  • 4h Coaching
  • 2 Inspirational Mood Boards with realistic ideas
  • Shopping Advice
  • Duration 4 Weeks
  • Do's & Don'ts Guide


  • Declutter Guide
  • Questionnair
  • 10h Coaching
  • 5 Inspirational Mood Boards with realistic ideas
  • Shopping Advice
  • Duration 6 Weeks
  • Do's & Don'ts Guide

What tools are needed ?

You want to have an electrical screw driver, pincers, hammer, nails, screw drivers items.​

How the payment is done ?

You can pay through PAYPAL or Banktransfer upfront or by

Are there any extra costs you have to consider?

We'll start with your items you have. Of course if you want to change, add or buy new furnitures or decoration.

How much time do you have to invest ?

You get out what you put in.
But it really depends on how much you want to change and how ready you are when it comes to change.

How to be efficiently creative

1 %
creative Ideas


Ideas are a key factor to finally feel at home 

Small changes can have big impacts 

I know what it takes to make your dream come true! 

1 %
The right items / furnitures


No fancy label nor brand creats the feeling of being home.

We get the BEST out of your items, furnitures, paintings, decoration 

1 %
efficiency & Gut feeling

A must have. 

Sustainability, efficiency and LOVE to do what I do is everything which is needed

Give me a room, furniture, decoration items, tell me what you like and I am 99% sure I will achieve it 

Looking for the most efficient way of getting started ?

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