I bet your bookshelf is too crowded and too overloaded - right?

Learn how to stack hundreds of books & style your bookshelf in 1h!

The bad news; shelves are very tempting to leave all kind of knick knack on there.  Keys, notes, gifts, souvenirs, toys and the list goes on. If you look for a book you can’t find it and the shelve is simply just overloaded and looks crappy.

The good news; You are only one step away of creating a new structure on to your bookshelf with all your books and decorations you have at home to finally achieve structure and order ! 

Style and upgrade your bookshelf, implement your books, plants, photos and decoration so your shelf looks stylish and pretty awesome! 

Once you started you can’t stop!


My client got up at 4am to continue to style her bookshelf; “I was addicted to rearrange all my stuff after I finally got HOW to do it!” 

If she can do it – you can too!

Make your shelf shine like a diamond in your space and join my free Online Training! 


LIVE on Monday - 7th of September 20:30


As a teenager my room and specially my shelf was the best reflection of my life, a disaster, always full with stuff I did not know where else to put. 

 After more than 2 decades in interior design I decided to start my own company as I am convinced, everyone should get access and support when it comes to interior decoration in their home, space, or office. 

My name is Michelle Petit, 47 years and Mum of two grownups. I live in Zurich, Switzerland with my partner and our dogs. 

A beautiful, nicer, and cosy space, home or office doesn’t need big investments – it only needs smartness and action!