Fall in love with your bookshelf!

Style and upgrade your bookshelf, implement your books, plants, photos and decoration 

so your shelf will look stylish and pretty awesome! 

Books often have beautiful and decorative covers, which get lost if they aren’t placed in a good way. 

Books and decoration are siblings, they need change from time to time, some fresh air, space and a proper way to be presented.  

21th of May 2020 at 14.00 LIVE

It’s easy to hide unorganised clothes in your wardrobe or broken pen’s in your drawer.

But hiding your mishmash in your bookshelf is nearly impossible – let’s change that!

You can have the most beautiful and designful furniture in your home and often these points are missing out: 

a clear concept

some nice visual touch

the intergration of accessories

and last but not least; the beneficial use of furniture and decoration!


Don't miss out on 21th of May 2020 at 14.00 LIVE

This webinar is for you if;

  • You are willing & committed to invest 30min. of your time!
  • You look for a fun experience, some a-ha moments and a sustainable change!
  • You have books, decoration, photos and a lot of mish-mash which needs an upgrade!



A little about me

As a teenager my personal shelf was the best reflection of my life. Too crowded, overloaded and mish-mash-knick-knack everywhere. I could not find my preferred books, could not remember if I borought them or simply lost them. I clearly had no overview, no structure. 

After more then 2 decades in interior design I decided to start my own company. My name is Michelle Petit, 47 years and Mum of two grown ups.I live in Zurich with my lifepartner and our dogs. 

Everyone should get access and support to implement some interior design in their home, space or office.

A beautiful, nicer and cosy space, home or office doesn’t need big invesments – it only needs smartness and action! 

Save your seat for my webinar and be my guest! 


What my clients say

Dear Michelle your workshop was just amazing. Big fun and awesome take aways. Your engagement was inspiring and how you showed us to decorate with our own stuff and not to buy new things was mind blowing. My biggest take away will be to listen to my gut feeling and I will start to paint our tv board today. Thank you so much!!
Germany Participant 5 day Challenge
Just so grateful. I would never ever have taken these colors for our couch. Because you insited I thought,well I give it a try. It looks wonderful. I would never ever have chosen this color. But you convinced me. Thank you. My livingroom is now exactly how I love it.
Zürich 1:1 Client
Thank you so much for this great workshop, Michelle. Such a cosy space we had in our facebook group and beyond. I felt frustrated while walking through all the wonderful places and spaces at IKEA I always have the impression I would never ever be able to create a home like this. You showed me, how to it in such a simple and easy way. Specially for people who can't afford an interior designer, your inputs and insights are have tremendous value. Just wonderful you do what you love.
Franzi S.
Germany, 1:1 Client