Beside rearranging spaces, rooms and homes – I love to get to know new people.

Having a coffee and a talk can move mountains!

 I had a very warm hearted  CoffeeBuddy. Her name was Emma. We had these chats at our office kitchen, mostly mornings, but specially when our agendas were hectic. A chat motivated and inspired eachother – and creativ ideas just came along!

The CoffeeBuddyTalk Show gives you the inspiration & motivaten you ned to start into a great day n week. Women in business all over the world get connected, open up to help and support eachother with ideas.

I would love to connect with YOU! 

Talks are done between 9am – 11am online and it starts with one particular question:

How do YOU drink your coffee?


Check out some CoffeeBuddyTalks - here!

KASIA the motivational language teacher - born in Poland - lives in Copenhagen - and teaches danish online. Learning a language never was easier!
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