Beside rearranging spaces, rooms and homes – I love to get to know new people.

Having a coffee and a talk can move mountains!

 In my former job I had a very cool, warm hearted and funny CoffeeBuddy. Her name was Emma and we had these chats at our office kitchen mostly mornings, but specially when we could see that the agenda of the day was hectic. After a chat in our kitchen we mostly were motivated and full of energy, not only because of the coffee….we inspired eachother so creativ ideas just came along!

With the CoffeeBuddyTalk Show my goal is to inspire & motivate women in business all over the world and to help and support eachother with ideas.

I would love to connect with YOU! 

Talks are mostly done between 9am – 11am online and it starts with one particular question: How do YOU drink your coffee ?


Check out some CoffeeBuddyTalks - here!

KASIA the motivational language teacher - born in Poland - lives in Copenhagen - and teaches danish online. Learning a language never was easier!
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