Imagine the relief of walking into your house
and finally feeling like you're

Most owners only dream of a home that is a reflection of who they are

you know you want to change.
You know how you want it to feel.
you just don't know where to start!

You don't have to keep buying new furniture or decor over and over again. It doesn't have to take a lot of mental or physical effort trying to decorate. It's not about spending endless hours saving Pinterest pictures or trying to implement finalized concepts from home decor stores.

You know that buying useless items are not solving your problems. You know that some people have reoccurring patterns that stop them form getting to the root of their problems.

I don't have to tell you that a lot of people try to change their space over and over again and give up because they aren't happy with their results. You probably already know people who have given up and just ignore the fact that they are unhappy in their home.

If This is you...

The fact that you are reading this page means that you know you want to do something different — to create a better home, but no one has shown you how before!

I promise You can create a beautiful environment
so you feel you are HOME

How would it feel
if every decision you make
brings you closer
to your dream home?

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve gone to many places and shops, you’ve seen all Pinterest and Instagram images, you saved them on your phone, and maybe you’ve even hired a coach. 

As you have to wear many hats, roles, and responsibilities, it’s easy to forget what priority comes first for YOURSELF and what’s needed for your home and family. 

Somehow you still feel stuck, and your space needs a change. 

You probably feel like your ideas aren’t good enough yet to create your space the way you want, need and love it! 



Homework and accountability

I have designed the right about of homework that will encourage you to get things moving and take action!
As well as a private group with fellow students to connect and hold each other accountable.


A change that you can be proud of

By completing all twelve weeks you will be able to walk into your house and BE HOME.


12-week indepth course

You will find separate modules for every section of your training in one place. To name a few, we will cover things like how to declutter and decorate, what plants are best where, a multitude of up-cycling and how your body and mindset can effect your home.


Changes in your mindset

It is one thing to move furniture around — it is another thing to change your mindset. We will focus on getting to the root problems of WHY you are unhappy in your space and WHERE you can recognize patterns to look out for in the future.

Ask yourself — Where will you be in 6 months if you don't sign up?

Only you will know the true answer to this, but I want to remind you of a few things. You'll continue to accumulate more clutter and continue to be stressed out.
You will continue to have no refuge, no where to de-stress and relax.
You know that stress makes you more susceptible to illness — what if you get sick and need to be quarantined in your house that you aren't happy to begin with!

You need to ask yourself — Can I change?

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve gone to many places and shops , you’ve seen all Pinterest and instagram images, you saved them on your phone and maybe you’ve even hired a coach. But it all comes back down to you and changing your mentality.

Ask yourself — How much more do you want to invest in buying stuff  to "make" your home YOURS? 

As you have to wear many hats, many roles and responsibilities, it’s easy to forget what priority comes first for YOURSELF and what’s needed for your home and family. My coaching isn’t about buying new decoration, new stuff or furniture — its all about HOW your existing components are arranged and placed.


STOP worrying.
SEE the outcome after taking my course.
LISTEN to your gut


You will discover what it truly means to BE HOME!

Frequently Asked Questions

• How much time does it take?

The past has showed me once you started you ll make the time – 30min a day and you achieve loads of things!

• What if I don’t the talent?

Every woman has the natural talent to create. Maybe someone told you – you aren’t talented or you just compare yourself with all these pinterest high achievers, which can motivate you to a certain level, but which can also keep you small. With my guidance you’ll discover how talented  you are.

Your natural talent will show up faster then you might think!

• What if I have no passion?

I discovered my passion again, while I was forced to rearrange my apartment after my divorce. There was not enough space for my kids and all the stuff I’ve taken with me. There is ALWAYS a solution! Guaranteed.  

Hi – my name is Michelle. My biggest goal is to give creativity and inspiration to your home, room or workspace. 

To have a cosy, beautiful and safe home or work area is very important to me. 

Here’s a little secret about me; while walking my three dogs, I occasionally glance in others people homes. Oops, that sounds bit weird – but that’s how I am. 

With my two children I moved a lot and after 2 decades working in Interior Design I know how to reuse, pack, declutter and rearrange a whole house, I mean, I really know what I am talking about. Once I settled down in a place, I like to feel home and relaxed. I enjoy a glass of good red wine on my terrace with my hubby and friends. 

Looking forward to getting you started on this transformative journey!