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Decoration distinguishes between a home and the resident

Decoration is the crucial detail — it's what can make or break a room

It needs to be;

Cozy — where you feel at home

Can be easily changed
Reflects your personality and values

Keep in mind that decoration is added last but
adds the most value.
You will want to keep all your decorations in
either the same color family or same tone.

TIP: By changing the color of your pillowcases and blankets you can
create a breaktaking effect and the room will look completely different!!

Paintings and Pictures — what to consider?

Individual pictures are better suited for a side
table or bookshelf
Take several photos that have the same feeling
or color scheme and group them together
A graphic or art could also be part of a photo
Keep it simple. Watch out for a nice frame, if you
want to hang up multiple photos, make sure all
the frames are the same color. It reflects a bit of
Don’t think that the frames have to be a neutral
color — you may want to implement a color that is
reflected in one or two decorations around the

Don’t want to hang them up?
Photos can always be scattered around a room on
shelves and small tables.

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Spaces that serve multiple purposes — what to consider?

Divide rooms into zones that are clearly separated
from each other. 

Rugs, Side boards and shelves
are useful when it comes to dividing a room
Spaces that serve mulitple purposes, such as,
livingroom and kitchen or dressing room and
office. Often times they seem messy even if they
are tidy.

Make sure you have boxes where you can
rearrange and organize your things.

Placing the light in the correct corner or at the
edge of a sofa — can have a huge impact regarding
seperating of spaces

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Do you want to add more color — what to consider...

In terms of color, pay attention to neutral tones
they create a peaceful ambience in each room

A general rule is that white goes well with
muted tones like wood or stone. All the colors
that we see in nature support rooms that
evoke a certain calm feeling.

Colored accents remain the most flexible
way to change a room or speak a certain
tone — the still need to be chosen carefully

For example — if you use too many colors
in one space it can seem hectic and

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