I love it. It smells good.!Looks beautiful.
Eucalyptus is well-known, its fresh, pointed, camphor-like scent often occurs in mouthwashes, cold remedies and in the sauna. Due to its intensity, eucalyptus oil is ideal for cleaning room air and makes it easier to breathe when it comes to colds. Eucalyptus oil is often used as an additive to sauna infusion, it activates the respiration and thus promotes the oxygenation of all body cells.

The name of the eucalyptus comes "from the Greek and can be translated as" well covered ". Eucalyptus is the staple food for the Australian koala bear, in fact, it is believed that they eat nothing else.
Eucalyptus is growing now not only in Australia, but also in Algeria, Egypt, South America, India and the Iberian Peninsula, he is now grown. There are fifty varieties in the Mediterranean alone.

The eucalyptus tree is one of the tallest trees that grow on earth, its roots grow deep into the earth until they find their deepest water veins. This ability to extract water from the soil was previously exploited in areas where malaria often occurred. Because the tree drained water from the ground, so that the mosquitoes that transmit the malaria could no longer lay their eggs. He got the name Fieberbaum because of that.

The aborigines of Australia, as well as the colonial rulers who settled in Australia, saw eucalyptus as a kind of all-purpose remedy.

The yellowish essential oil is still considered one of the best remedy for many ailments, especially when it comes to respiratory diseases. Each of us probably knows the eucalyptus drops that you take on coughing. The eucalyptus oil is antiseptic, so it helps against pathogens. It is probably even one of the strongest antiseptic agents that grow naturally.

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