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Coaching Calling Card


You are already living in your dream home but you are unsure if this or that piece fits into you new home?
You ordered some stuff but you don't know if you can decorate it ?
3 hours are mostly needed if small issues need to be solved.


You want to manifest and rearrange a room / areas in your home but you are simply overwhlemed where to start ?
You a kind of a clue of what you want after one of your kids just moved out but you stuck with an empty room ?

In 6 hours a lot can already be changed and achieved!


You want to get serious and start from the inside out. Meaning you need some support in structure and guidance to create and manifest your new home over all. As you might know, creating and structuring a home takes time, yeah, it's a process and that's why this option is one of most booked ones. Getting 12 hours 1:1 coaching during a year is simply the best for money options. You might are planing to change some stuff in your home, but you just need this friend who tells you honestly what are the goes and the no goes and sometimes you need a hand ( virtually ;)) to finalize and get things done.

And this is what you get

for all of my services

Each call (from the package of either 3, 6 or 12h) will be one full hour.
You can schedule however you'd like (just use them within a 12 month period from date of purchase)

- Personal Whatsapp/Messenger access, the day before and day after your coaching call to ask any questions that come up.
- Your Calls will be recorded for Playback
- All Checklists & Guides - Personalized Moodboards
- Links and Special Deals for Products

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