Book me on site!

Being on site is exciting. 

Hands on!

Take action! 

Turn your home into a castle for real.

Where creation is taking place immediately. 

Where everyone gathers for unforgettable moments!

How does the transformation work?

Like everything in life, change it’s a process and the more you trust the process the better the outcome.

I will walk you through it with a clear strategy plan and support you to unlock your dreams and give you the confidence to trust the process while designing your home to a welcoming, classy and representative place.

I will take the necessary steps in terms of how to implement your existing equipment, to optimize, rearrange and place furnitures, paintings and decoration in order to enrich room and space.

Your items will be used first.  

Some of them may need to be painted or used in a different way. 



 A clear concept for every room is a must and I make sure, as for each room there are different needs there’s a cleare strategy.


Your personal style, your wishes and implementation of inherited pieces of furniture will of course be crucial.

My mood boards can be applied for rooms, corners or spaces to provide creative ideas or the need of additional furniture.  

You will get a clear feedback if there is a real need to buy stuff and what you can let go of.

To keep track and stay structured, a very efficient process during the rearrangement will take place, so time is spent efficently and we do not lose any speed and focus. 


How to be efficiently creative

1 %
creative Ideas


Ideas are a key factor to finally feel at home.  

I know what it takes to make your dream come true! 

1 %
The right items


No fancy label nor brand creats the feeling of being home. we get the BEST out of your items, furnitures, paintings, decoration etc. small issues can create big changes. 


1 %
efficiency & Gut feeling

A must have. 

Sustainability, efficiency and LOVE to do what I do is everything which is needed. 

Give me a room, furniture, decoration items, tell me what you like and I am 99% sure I will achieve it. 

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