Ready To Create A Home Greater Than Your Imagination?

Whether you are
planning to move,
you recently
moved in or other
occured in your life...

you need to dramatically shift
your home
into the place where you
feel home, where you feel
you belong and
where you love to spend time!

No matter where you’re starting from or what you want to focus on today, there is a solution designed especially for you.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck way too long, allow me to give you the results-focused guidance you need, to make the necessary shifts, to take you & your home to the next level.

No bla-bla, no bullshit, no excuses.

Let's change your home for real!
The good thing ?
You can start right away, wherever you are based in the world!

QuickFixCall for 198€

In our 30min. zoom or video call which is based on a quick fix frame we’ll solve small issues. 

You book this call here and now, because you just need this quick fix, as you are close to satisfied with your home. There are still some pieces and decoration items missing and you just need to get out of your head into your heart, to finalize what you already created.

90min. 1:1 Transformational Coaching for 598€

In our 90min. call loads of things can be done. This is a once in a lifetime call. 

You walk me through your home and what’s creating your struggles, frustrations and chaos that’s holding you back. 

This call is mainly for you if: 

You want to create a color concept, find your style, rearrange your room, implement your home-office, get advice on what and where to buy and also on how repurpose inherited or loved items / furnitures pieces. 

You get;

2 Moodboards with exact insights on what to change where. 

1 x 3D Rendering on the final decision we made together so you can arrange /change the specific area. 

All my Guides & Checklists.


3 Month 1:1 Full Transformational Home Coaching Package €2998

Transforming a house/apartment into a home needs committment. 

During the 3 month you and I are going to get a clear concept on your needs and way of living. 

We are going to bring structure into your cellar, cabinets and closets. Your home becomes the place where everybody will gather, where dinners with friends will remind you of precious moments and where you simply feel at peace. 

Your home will start to be the place you might aren’t able to even imagine yet. But these 3 month of transformation are the ones, where permanent happiness and change happens.

all About the

transformational home styling

sessions and how they work

Interior Styling can be done “online”?


Fact is, through todays possibilities like i-phones, zoom etc.  we can style your home together, wherever you are based in the world.

How does this work exactly ?

You take videos’ where you walk me through your home, telling me what’s creating your struggles and frustrations so as everything that’s holding you back.

Mostly if you show up fully engaged, open, willing and curious, with the PetitMethod, rooms can be shifted in easily! 

These sessions are build to release you from the struggle and finally get you to know where and how to start. 

What’s the outcome or what’s in it for me?

You will find  more peace in your life, take better care of yourself and your family and live the life you want, because the struggle and issues on how and where to put your sofa, table or paintings –  is solved.  

So why should I book this session ?

You book this session here and now because, you know I’m going to deliver the change and outcome you were seeking for, like I’ve done for each and every client before you. 

You want to work me


at Your Place?

looking for a flexible shortcut ?

Coaching Calling Card

This “Coaching Calling Card” offers the flexibility
you didn’t know you needed.
The Shortcut! 

Interested in one-on-one coaching?

The truth is, that sometimes you just want to have a quick conversation to help you through a moment of “stuck”, right? 

While ongoing coaching packages are certainly beneficial, it just doesn’t provide the flexibility. You might not need a call every week – that’s why my super popular “Coaching Calling Card” offers you the flexibility to schedule your calls based on when You & Your home need them most.  

Read what clients say after transformed their homes...

Good to know

What tools are needed?

You want to have an electrical screwdriver, pincers, hammer, nails, screwdrivers items.​

How is the payment done?

You can pay through PAYPAL or Bank Transfer upfront or by a 3 MONTH PAY-PLAN + 20% of the FULL AMOUNT.

Are there any extra costs you have to consider?

Sustainability is the key. We'll start with your items you have. Of course you are free to add or buy new furniture or decoration. The focus is on what you already have - and then add new things.

if you consider to book me onsite

All travel costs (outside of Switzerland ) will be charged extra. Further purchases of new stuff, like decoration, furniture or any other needed items aren't included in the coaching price. Craftsmen work, floor installers, carpenters, painters, plasterers, electricians have also to be paid extra. COVID RULES ARE RESPECTED