I do not need decoration.

LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit Magnolienzweige-und-dazu-passendes-Kissen_ I do not need decoration.
Did you ever realized that you are talking yourself into this “I am not this decoration-person? 
Me and decoration? No no…I do not even know how to place stuff right”.
The most common sentences I hear is:  Aah, no, decoration is overestimated rubish I don’t need , it only attracts dust…”.
But decoration is the key to make your home YOURS and placing your stuff in a way that it feels good, is like riding a bicycle. You have to keep going, you have to keep pushing these pedals – ( you have to change and redo your home from time to time ) so you get to the place of relaxation, peace and inner freedom.
Your home, your room, your space, even a drawer is a reflection of yourself and how you treat your stuff.
Think about this for a moment. 
How do you take care on a regular bases, to remove the dust from your shelve, from your plants ( leaves) so they can breathe ?
How does it look on your bedsidetable ? Is just a storage place for things you do not want to get rid off or is a place for stuff you don’t know where they belong ?  
Our personal space, our home or even office or wardrobe offer the most easiest way to procrastinate. 
Why ? – here are some answers.

Most procrastinators believe that you must feel motivated in order to begin a task. 

If you wait until you feel motivated or “in the mood” you may never start the task, especially if it is boring or unpleasant. 

Action comes first before motivation.

Do not assume that creativ or experienced people easily overcome this topic.
Most people endure frustration, self-doubt, and overcome obstacles to achieve their personal goals. If you think that it should be easy without struggles, you could conclude
that something is wrong and give up.

Procrastination is often associated with obligation – feeling pulled between what you “should do” and what you want to do. 

Saying that you should clean up, get rid of the christmas decoration or simply just change something in general, could make the task seem unimportant or not urgent.

If you really want to make a change YOU really need to WANT the change – even though your little bastard of lizzard brain tells you off. 

Here how you get started: 

1. Identify the reasons WHY you are procrastinating on completing a task. 

2. Identify your values and priorities, write them on a piece of paper. 

3. Ask yourself if your goals realistic? Clearing out a cellar in 1h might not be possible instead clearing out one drawer and throw away old  and broken pens is mostlikely done in 15min. 

4. Outline some small steps to complete the project or reach your goal. a) Clean out the book shelve. b) sort out the books you do not want to keep c) sort by colors, theme or size ( or the three together 😉 ) d) put the books back in the shelve e) start to decorate – how ? –> download my free guide here

6. Discipline yourself to use time wisely. Set priorities. Give yourself deadlines for completing tasks. 

7. Reward yourself after completing a task. The bigger the accomplishment the bigger the reward should be.

DecorationTipp. Not rocket science but extremly helpful. 

Make sure you place pieces who have at least something in common. 

It can be the size, color or shape.  

Decoration stuff with something in common, gives you the impression they belong together. For your eyes  it looks harmonious, even though the vase you receveived from your Grandma and the Buddha your found in a secondhand shop down the street. 

And now the magic begins; 

Your vase is white and grey with little violett dots. Your buddha white. 

Now you place the  buddha next to the vase. Either you buy some fresh violett tulips or you have some dried lavendel, at least, something you can put inside the vase which matches the violet dots.

And then you place some other grey and white stuff around the vase and buddha. A little white notebook, a couple of emtpy white candleholder, just keep in mind; once you set the colors, you can start to play around. Walk through your house, open you draws, watch out for violet, white and grey things and place them as a family on the table, shelve or bar where the vase and the buddha already been set. 

Have fun!

LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit Canva-Macbook-Pro-on-Brown-Wooden-Table-1024x487 I do not need decoration.

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