Interior Design and PetitBox

Why I created PetitBox and who is Michelle?

I am this red hair power woman who has this unique action taking attitude – I often hear this – and somehow it must be true even though it makes me feel  embarassed, as I have my issues with compliments. Taking action is for sure something which makes me unique – it’s nothing I have to force myself and it’s something I love. I rarley hesistate if rooms or spaces need a change. 

 “Hestiation is never a good guide – as it keeps us away of trying things out.”

Among taking action and change, there is still space for strucutre and fun when I am involved in a project. Often, the fun part brings back the motivation when challenges show up in a tricky room.  

What makes me 😉 outstanding from the big crowd of interior designer ? 

This could sound like fishing for compliments – but after the workshop I did with my mentor Sigrun, yesterday, I came to the conclusion that; 

  • I am definitely an immediate action and got this unique hands-on attitude. 
  • My way of thinking when it comes to interior design is sustainable;  as I am considering all items,  all furnitures and all decoration supplies before investing in buying new stuff.
  • The goal is always to create the best possible ambiance with existing items & furnitures.
  • People tell me often they feel heard and seen with my empathic and motivating attitude while I am striving to create the cosy@home feeling, though the change and fun during  process is done quickly.  

Often there is no need to buy new things – because all exiting items can be reused or just used in a different way or place. 

In a blink of an eye, I can tell if a room feels like home and cosy and what’s needed for a change. 

The main reason WHY i founded PetitBox was the based on the fact that interior designer are often driven through self-fulfillment and their own ideas how a room, a space or decoration must be. 

In the world of PetitBox the focus is clearly by creating a home as it’s much more than just decorationg or building new walls. Pinterest and Interior architects can give us hints and nice ideas – which in the other hand leads to overwhelming and self-doubting. 

Interior Design is a bold expression used in many ways and often mispresented when it comes to homes and spaces. 

Instead of playing the game “Cold, colder, uuuh freezing or the other way around, warm, warmer, aaah hot” – Interior Designer create a home, a space, a room without implementing beloved items, enheritaged pieces or personal styles and confront their client with a finished product. 

My conclusion and an other reason WHY i founded PetitBox was interior design and pinterest pictures arent’ everyones cup of tea and not everyone wants and needs to rebuild their houses / apartments with expensive brands and labels.

Most people I got to know along the way want to be involved in creating their UNIQUE feeling of being at home as an individual with all their items and furnitures they like. They want to create a cosy home with the stuff and furnitures – but the HOW TO CREATE PROCESS  is missing.   

Therefore I founded my little PetitBox where I walk my clients through the process. 

The Webinar next Monday 20th of January is the perfect place to have a sneek peek of how Michelle from PetitBox is working! 


LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit 20191220-DSC_6350 Interior Design and PetitBox

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