Kitchen, the place where all problems start

Kitchen, the place where all problems start

It’s either too much, not enough or wrongly organized. A kitchen is like the heart of the home. If a kitchen isn’t functioning the way she should you need to solve the problem. Actually we can compare our kitchen problems, with our heart. If we do not take care enough of our heart, our entire body will shut down. The most common problems in the kitchen are mostly the ones like, space, space and space and sometimes being well organized.

Kitchen challenges are often reflected issues like unusual kitchen appliances. If your oven is not placed in the right way and you always hit against an open drawer, you might want to rethink about the organisation. If you fridge is placed next to your oven, chances are high, that your electrician bill is slightly higher then if you have placed it in another area.

Kitchen problems are like heart disases. If your kitchen is not organized in a well, smart and structured way it will drive you nuts.

If children can’t sit next to you while you cook, you want to solve this one too. Evertime my kids came home from school, while I was cooking lunch, they were talking about their discoveries or experiences in school. I was concentrating on the food while they gave me some soul food. I loved to listen to my kids or guests while I preparing lunch or dinner.

A lot of space in a kitchen can solve common daily problems. If there is one drawer with some pencils, rubber, or even small knick knack – Kids always go there just to have a look, if there is something new inside, or a Lego piece they were looking for since weeks.

Solving the most kitchen problems can be done easily;

  • Make sure you have all your items to cook one foot away from the cooking space.
  • Make sure there is enough space on the counter to add a plant, herbs or anything what makes it more cosy. Like a small lamp, dryied flowers, a box with napkins.
  • Add some flowers to the kitchen, even if you don’t think the make a big difference, they do!

Coming back to the heart of your home and being; in life, so as in kitchens, you will need to under cook to solve this one, meaning; you don’t have to brag or tell everything what is going on in your mind or heart. Sometimes saying less, adding less spicy stuff and acting less harsh, can solve SO MUCH more then jumping onto each and every argument.

Breathe. Wait, Have a sip or two and start from a different angle. 

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