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LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit 81825793_180461896350423_7642921392072250163_n Life changing path

I started this path long before I knew for what, who and why. 

In 2016 ( I just looked up the first invoivce from wordpress ) I started to create my first website. To be honest, I can’t count the changes I made, even though wordpress stores each change and you could, if you want go back to all pages you created. WordPress was the program I liked the most. No worries, this blog post is not about wordpress. 

I had many business ideas, many plans, many unrealistic and realistic business plans. I had ideas like giving seminars with the whoo-hoo candle and dried roses in the middles of a circle build out of chairs and walk around with some smoked sage to find the purpose of your life. Today I could do some sage cleaning whoo-hoo for some rooms, who need a clear atmosphere – if my client, the energies and the believes are on a certain level. 

Gosh I tried many things out. And if I tell you many, I mean many. Maybe I should write more likely that I was searching for my purpose of life. My domains names switched from PetitSoulBox, PetitHomeBox, PetitDanceBox and so on…

The look of my websites jumped from clean, funny, spiritual, playful or classy look. I printed and bought flyers here, business cards there. 

I even founded a real estate company with a french/ english name, what no one understands.  Okay I have to admit, we sold houses and apartments: so far so good. And sonce SOMBA there is a plan to merge it with petitbox – a matter of time.  

But apart of this, no other plan sucked me in – nor  worked out. I pondered around. Watched youtube videos, listened to podcast and read books. 

Until the day in June 2019 where I worked on a excel list and listened to a masterclass from Sigrun. The founder of SOMBA. 

These 4 hours of masterclass where life changing – How I got there you can read here.

In the past days I realized in my past I never ever  listend REALLY to my own gut feeling on a honest, strong and aware way. It literally hit me while I was driving 5 hours in my car for my corp. job. 

I never was as free in my mind and in my decisions in my whole life. 

Since a couple of month I stopped listening to all the chatter boxes around me and started to focus completely on myself and on my business. And as you probably know, whatever you focus on, you get more of. 

I decided to love money, wealth and health. I stopped spending money on things which I do not use, need and really want, I started to love the fact of having a certain amount of money in my bank account instead of being ashamed and fearful to loose it and I started to stop eating meat and consuming any cowl milk products. 

“Oh you on the vegan trip as well” –> Nope, I just love animals more than humans. 

“Oh you like Greta Thunberg” –> Yes, she is determined in what she is doing and somehow I like her, she is an action taker, the world needs us.

“Oh without meat you have to get some additional dietary supplements” –> Bullshit. Sorry. 

“Oh well a bit milk is still for bones” –> Bullshit II 

“Oh you do online business – do you really earn money?” –> Ehm, well yes some people like my Mentor became a millionaire after 6 years….


Investing in myself ( moneywise 12K ) brougth me the life I was seeking for and

I found my purpose

I turn homes into castles. 

By only walking through the city and looking into windows where I see part of interior and how people are furnished gives me goosebumps, I am in the middle of my life and just started to create the life my mother wished for. I know she could not live the life she dreamed of, even though she has two wonderful daughters and three unbelievable grand children she loved more than anything. She was afraid to hurt others, while she would do, decide or take what was needed to become a profound happy person. She gave her life to her daughters and grandchildren and she did everything what was in her power to make us happy. 

Through her story I had the chance to realize how priceless life is. I am endlessly grateful for the chance to become the person and believer I am today. 

I would like to encourage YOU to truly listen to your heart and to your gut feeling. We only have this one and only life on this wonderful planet and we are all meant to be happy, full of love and fulfilled with pure happiness. 

Start to create your home inside of your heart. 

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