Mrs. Book & Mr. Shelf

Mrs. Book & Mr. Shelf

A love story that started in  1876  when  John Danner invented a revolving bookcase .  

1979 the Swedish designer  Gillis Lundgren created & designed BILLY the bookshelf. Lundgren  and IKEA have sold over 60 million units of the bookcases worldwide. Its popularity and global spread  have  led to its use it as a barometer of relative worldwide price levels. 

The most expensive bookshelf on our planet was created by  Sebastian  Errazuriz He is famous for creating some of the most unusual designs, like the uncanny teddy bear coat or the highly versatile zipper dress. His latest creation though is not a clothing item, but a fascinating piece of furniture. Called the Metamorphosis –  it is a nature-inspired  bookshelf , and the  most expensive one too : it costs a whopping $ 75,000.  

The artist’s grandmother had an ivy-coated garden that left a lasting impression on Errazuriz. This is where the idea for the shelf came from. Metamorphosis seems to embrace the wall that it leans on – in the same way that ivy covers everything it encounters. Hand carved by Horm, an Italian company, the bookshelf is made from limited edition Baltic birch plywood . 

Books. The smell, the paper and the shape – I simply love it. Sometimes I am pondering around in a bookstore just because of the smell not at the moment of course (due to confinement), but I can’t wait to go back there!  

Did you know your bookshelf tells a story about you?  I am quite sure you have a bookshelf or at least a shelf of some sort of in your home, office or space.  

Shelves are handy, practical and if they are styled in the right and pretty way, they are a huge add on to the room.  Even in your office where you probably only stack folders – what if here and there you add a vase or a cool cup with your stack the folders in a useful but cool way – I am sure your colleagues will stop at your desk and ask you how you did that.  

A shelf can easily look overloaded and crappy very fast.  The space on there is very tempting to collect random knick-knacks, leave your iPad, sticky notes or just nothing – thinking that you don’t look at it often so it does not matter. 

But reorganizing your shelf is fun, easy and has a tremendous impact.  

My goal is simple. I want to show you how to upgrade and style your shelf, so your items are placed in harmony and peace.  

There is the right place for everything and every book! 

Books need air, space and love it when they are in the right order.  

Did you know that you can file your books in many different ways  

Classic, half up / half down / diagonal, spiral  and many  many  more… .like A – Z by Author, by  color , by size… the possibilities are nearly endless.  

Have you ever heard of the experience of making peace with your books, decoration, mishmash, paintings and files – this fulfils you in such a way that the urge or craving to buy new stuff is gone ?!  

In my free webinar I will talk about this phenomenon and much more!  

Books. I love them.  

Are you intrested in upgrading your bookshelf? Grab your seat for my upcoming webinar where I teach you all about breathing new life into your bookshelves and so much more!!