Turn your house into a home!

Learn how to design, style and upgrade your space and become the happiest home owner!

...With and Through the power of rearranging and decorating your space - you will achieve
this is wow & cozy feeling!
Anyone can have a beautiful home!

You have been planning your home for years and you simply have the classical Pinterest- overwhelm and the confidence underwhelm. 

Just imagine for a second all your stuff is arranged the way it makes you feel “you achieved a life goal” and where headaches about how to place and arrange your furniutres are no longer a question.

 You don’t even have to think if about if this or that fits into your space! 

Imagine to have access to someone who has the skills and answers you need at the touch of a button?

This person helps you to do all the placing, decoration and rearrangement and gives some structure into your space.

Would this save you tears, money and precious time you could be spending actually enjoying your life? 

No matter how big or tiny your project might be, imagine that actually loving every piece and inch of your space once it turned into a WOW-Place.

If buying new decoration  furniture’s over and over again equalled the feeling of finally being at home – everyone who bought, would feel fantastic and happy, right?!”

You may have experienced…… that once the sofa, table and chairs are bought, a huge pressure is gone and now you can start to relax. That’s how you end up living in places half done that lack warmth. 

The subconcious feeling of being uncomfortable in each and every room  seems to be the only thing that’s consistently present.

And for the first time in a long time, you’re struggling for solutions and alternatives. Only by thinking to clear out stuff and declutter to change your home, makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Hi! I'm Michelle,

My goal is to create the perfect solution that fits all your needs!

After more than two decades in real estate and interior design, where I supported the big players on the market I’ve seen similar patterns in all stages: beautiful spaces and rooms half done, that lack, structure, warmth and creativity.

Guiding hundreds of customers through the process of relocating, moving or change management, I often witnessed they are too busy, way to unclear on their needs, too unsure to make a change or simply said; overwhelmed.

Even if there are enough financial resources, high end labels of furnitures and more than enough space to create – the structure and strategy to create a fulfilling, efficient and inviting enviroment is missing. It’s very often their own resistance to start the process – even if it could end up looking and feeling really good! 

What my clients say