My Heritage Story – part 1

Have you ever wondered what your heritage is?

When a friend of my daughters’ came over and told us the news that she has eskimo in her heritage — I thought to myself…what is my background?

After sending away to find out “what I am” I thought I would tell you a bit more about me and where I come from in a mini series of blog posts called ‘My Heritage’

The country I have chosen for this blogpost is the UK, to be precise, Channel Island, Guernsey. My father was born there and somehow, I obviously feel connected to this Island. I was born in, Zurich, Switzerland and now based in Hausen am Albis.

My USP is to transform your home, office or space (it can even be a shop or cafe) with the existing items. The fun part? You do not need to buy anything new if you do not want/can. I create the best out of your existing items. From A-Z.

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My chosen country for this post relates to my project in this way: my Grandfather in Guernsey had a library and already in the times back as a 6-year-old girl I can remember he was stacking his books by colours. It looked like a rainbow to me — I was fascinated! I love about Guernsey and their way of drinking black tea (even though all the citizen in the UK know how to do this) but my father had this one specific old silver pot that was all black inside from the all the caffeine or tea. I will always remember the smell on Sunday morning when my Dad made himself a cup of tea

Something surprising you might not know about the country I have chosen

Many of the houses in Guernsey’s west have an unusual strange piece of granite sticking out of them–these are “witches’ seats”. Back when they supposedly ran wild in the western parishes, residents built them onto their houses so that the witches could stop and rest, rather than causing havoc. The image of CASTLE CORNET; GUERNSEY represents the country I chose for this post because; even though I grew up in Switzerland, Zürich I feel very connected to the Island and the British culture. My father was born in Guernsey and lived on the Island until met my Mother. When23 they moved to Switzerland. I still can feel the strong roots as I love black tea and humour. I eat toast fingers with salted butter with my egg (if you want to more about, there will be a blog post about it), I love watching BBC and even though my English grammar isn’t perfect I love the British language. Enough said. The actual post is to make you curious about my bookshelf webinar-which I am very proud of already as the content will be mind-blowing for all BOOK lovers out there! Sign up today and if you have any further questions about Guernsey, my story or my work and how an interior designer can work online-feel free to drop me a line!

With LOVE xxx-Michelle