Get the best deal to finally know where to  place your sofa / bed or dining table. SneakPeekPackage is for everyone who has some small challenges in their space, office or home which are solved in short time. 

30min. through Zoom or Skype and the space is yours! 

Chosse your best deal!


€ 597

Make your book shelve pretty in no time. 

Keys, knick-knack, small notes, decoration which you don’t know where to put – often ends up on your shelve. 

I show you how to organise, decorate and make your shelve look stylish & pretty! 

Personalized consulting with shopping ideas and links to online stores!



4h of transformation for your chosen space. 

Through pictures and videos you send me, I get an impression 

and prepare moodboards with ideas and changes. 

Regular email, phone contact

Shopping ideas and links

Do’s and Don’t Guide




Let go of what’s is not serving you and paying attention to the divine possibilites to create your personal space, office, dining room or shop. The PROT Package is for bold and eager persons who want a immediate change. 

With the DeclutterGuide you get rid of old stuff, through Moodboards & DesignConcept with ideas, expamples, you receive a clear strategy and visions for each and every room. Moodboards are your clear guidance on how, what, where and why. 

The PRO Package is perfect if you want to change your space for real.


Be unique, prepared & organized!

THE "BE UNIQUE" Luxury Program is built on the yearly events

Once you found your own rhythm and style to decorate – there is more time for yourself, for your family and to focus on life itself. 

Tailored to your needs

Fitting your style to your personal event, routine and special occasion.

They are never ending. Yearly and stressful. Events with families, friends, kids, and neighbours or customers.

The BE UNIQUE Luxury Program helps you through the whole year with planning out and being prepared.

This program fits for all those; who want to focus  more on life itself and don’t want to run around like chickens without a head 5 min. before stores close, to buy decoration materials.

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