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Make things happen and finally know where to  place your sofa / bed or dining table. SneakPeekPackage is for everyone who has some challenges in their space, office or home which are solved in short time. 

Online Home Coaching done in a few hours! 



 Full transformation for your space 

Through pictures and videos you send me, I get an impression and immediately start to prepare moodboards with first ideas

Regular email, phone contact

Shopping ideas and links

All my Guide & Workbooks 




Let go of what’s is not serving you and paying attention to all possibilites to create your personal space, office, dining room or shop. This package is for bold and eager persons who want the big change. 

With your personal step-by-step guide you get rid of old stuff, through moodboards & a clear concept with ideas, expamples, you receive a realistic strategy and vision for each and every room. 

Personal support & guidance for your complete make over, perfect if you want to change your space from A-Z for real.

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