Rearranging a home without a home coach is the fastest way to go bankrupt

Rearranging your home without a HomeCoach is the fastest way to go bankrupt. True that. 

Just think for a second, how many things have you bought and they are not a good fit — or in the end, you don’t like it. 

The money you’ve spent so far, specially when you just moved into a new home, is quite a bit – spending it on even more on things which aren’t a good fit is frustrating!

A lot pf people have the belief that investing in my work is a waste of money. Now I want you to keep on thinking — where are you’ll be six month from now if you don’t have someone —  this one friend who tells you the truth about how you could arrange your home? 

Probably, no I have to say for sure, you’ll be in the exact same spot you are in today. Having an unfinished entrance, a dark living room but I’m here to tell you that this cozy feeling you’re seeking — is always just around the corner. 

On my Pinterest boards you’ll find some of my pins and ideas. 

But let’s dive into some practical stuff here; 


3 crucial take-away of decoration

Decoration distinguishes between a home and a resident. The decoration is the crucial detail — it’s what can make or break a room! It needs to be. Cozy — where you feel at home Can be easily changed Reflects your personality and values

Step One

Keep in mind that decoration is added last but adds the most value. You will want to keep all your decorations in either the same colour family or the same tone. TIP: By changing your pillowcases and blankets’ colour, you can create a breathtaking effect, and the room will look completely different!! Paintings and Pictures — What to consider? Individual pictures are better suited for a side table or bookshelf. Take several photos that have the same feeling or colour scheme and group them. A graphic or art could also be part of a photo gallery – but keep it simple. While I was looking for some art for a client of mine, I found Natalie Corman. I highly can recommend visiting her website. Natalie is fascinated by the process of deconstructing photographs of objects or places that she finds beautiful and recreating them on a large scale using islands of colour. Natalie Corman was born in 1963 in Belgium and grew up in Canada. Her subjects range from architecture and interiors to animals and urban scenes. Natalie has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in Italy and Switzerland.

LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit NC-ORANGE Rearranging a home without a home coach is the fastest way to go bankrupt

Step Two

Spaces that serve multiple purposes — what to consider? Divide rooms into zones that are clearly separated from each other. Rugs, Sideboards and shelves are useful for dividing a room or space that serves multiple purposes, such as, living room and kitchen or dressing room and office.

LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit Bild3 Rearranging a home without a home coach is the fastest way to go bankrupt

Often, they seem messy, even if they are tidy. Make sure you have boxes where you can rearrange and organize your things.

Placing the light in the correct corner or at the edge of a sofa — can have a huge impact regarding separation of spaces.

Step Three

Do you want to add more color — here’s what you need to consider…

Coloured accents remain the most flexible way to change a room or speak a certain tone — they still need to be chosen carefully. In terms of colour, please pay attention to neutral tones; they create a peaceful ambience in each room. A general rule is that white goes well with muted tones like wood or stone.

All the colours that we see in nature support rooms that evoke a certain calm feeling. For example — if you use too many colours in one space, it can seem hectic and untidy!

LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit SinglePost_9-News-Image-2 Rearranging a home without a home coach is the fastest way to go bankrupt

Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love

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