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If inspiration, support and realistic ideas are needed my 12 month interior program „YOUR UNIQUE HOME“ is what you need! It will push you out of comfortzone but you’ll always feel inspired to take action. You’ll overcome any fears of decoration fails and I will push you softly through any excuses or limiting beliefs. Without replacing all furnitures you’ll realize your cozy home faster than you ever thought possible. Your home and life will never be the same. The „unique home program“ is a 12-month group coaching program that takes your home to another stage. It’s the perfect program for those who want to scale up their way of living and want to change their homes step by step during one year. To get well organised for all yearly upcoming events like easter, thanks giving, helloween, christmas and of course birthdays and family gatherings, this program will be the relief and the structure you are seeking for.

Why join a yearly program, how does it work and what is your investment ?

You know if you get pushed a little and have a deadline to complete your goals, then you finally get going and can get more done than ever before. Clear deadlines, good structure, regulary support in 1:1 coaching and a active facebook group will be there to keep you going.

In the end you’ll actually achieve all your goals and your home will be the place of your dreams.

How does it work ?

YOUR UNIQUE HOME is built on the yearly big events and for each of them, there are challenges like spring decluttering, easter decoration, summer holiday preparation, thanks giving, helloween & christmas time!

You can participate in all challenges or you can pick and choose depending on what fits your personal life.

Each challenge is clearly defined and you know exactly what do and how.

You’ll join an onboarding calls to get 1-1 laser focused coaching after reviewed your questionnaire and together we define your first challenge that you’ll follow.

Every week there is a one-hour support group call and a Q&A session, where all your questions will be answered.

The call schedule is shared upfront and you can join them live or watch later, but live is always much more efficient, because during the calls you can get your questions answered about what you’re working on all things related to your home, events, decoration and declutter.

Your investment

Your investment in YOUR UNIQUE HOME PROGRAM is upfront € 6600 +500€ deposit or 500 € + € 880/mth during 9month Kopie von Kopie von Kopie von Petitbox & (3)


Are you ready to start creative a unique home, a place where everyone feels welcome and where gatherings stay in your memory for a lifetime ?

Let’s get started.

Press the link, fill out the application form and book a discovery call.

During the call we will get to know eachother a little more and figure out what is the perfect fit for you.

I am really looking forward to read, hear and see you in my UNIQUE program, where we change your into a castle!