LePetitStudio by Michelle Petit NAS_1182 The Fear Letter

The Fear Letter

Hi Michelle – it’s me.
Your fear.
Such a pleasure to meet so often – since you are trying to become independent.
I took over the stearing wheel of your life since you moved out from home – remember ?!
You were not capable to manage your finances.
You and your parents always loved me and I could just say “booooh” and you were jumping up the ceiling.
I’ve got you since many years.
You never had a lot of money and I’ll make sure this will stay.
I keep you under my control even though you are evolving, having breakthroughs and trying to change your mindset and the most funny part is you are seriousely mapping out the road for success for your next chapter of life.
But you forgott your family patterns and where you are coming from.
You arent the one who will be famous,  successful and definitely not the one who will be rich!
Rich, you ? – financially independet ? hahhahaa…LOL for sure not.
Remember; its me – your FEAR and I am the one who keeps the control – and you know what ?
Until today, I did everything to keep up with this and no one in your entire family ever achieved to change me. And its not gonna be you.
Are you seriousely trying to get rid of me ? Fu…ck off.
Some advices – and yeah keep on trying.
I have so many ways to keep you under my control – even though you tried many things like; leaving your husband with a 2 and 5 year old, then the divorce from which you had to start working while raising two children by yourself. I really succeeded when I kept back your salary so you had to get 3 jobs at the same time to pay back all your depts and I made sure you do not have more holidays than a week per year for more than 3 years…I even thought giving you this hearing loss and heart breaks I would keep you away from starting to evolve. 
But no you are such a strong little bitch – you even started this ridiculous things like mindset change, then started out watching things like “the secret” and you listen to Oprah Winfrey, Jim Fortin, James Wedmore, Denise Dufflield-Thomas – and now you are in this Sigrun – Somba scene ?!
You even gave up on your relation with your father, sister and aunt – this is not appropriate and now your corp. job is hunting you down because they do not preform ? I like it because I know how to keep you under my control.
I will make sure you keep on sacrificing even more beloved ones – and I make sure you will.
I have to admit you are such pain in the ass….because you do not stop taking action and you are still trying to get rid of me.
You are gonna regret the day I will leave – but I am convinced I will win this fight – so I thought I come up with my biggest power. 
Do not get me wrong; 
I just want the best for you and therefore I make sure you stay in your comfy zone because this was and is the best way to keep you under my control.
Don’t you – little bitch – try to get rid of me.
Sincererly – your FEAR