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Feeling at home doesn’t just happen, it happen because you make it happen!

free workshop starts on 23.11.2020
8.30pm cet
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There’s no better place than to be home!

No matter what your goal is, I will help you get a you the PinterestBoard – Home in 12 days! Promised.

Watch the video and be like

Amy & her Family

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Is this You?

You gave up rearranging furnitures decorating 

You watched endless DIY videos

You saved hundreds of pinterest pics 

You’ve tried all the how-to- strategies 

You’ve made the mile long to-do lists

You also sacrificed a lot of time, invested money, bought new stuff and downloaded how-to-check-lists.

And after all those efforts, the feeling of being home, didn’t kicked in, right ?! In other words – You’ve DONE everything, but you are still far off of feeling cozy. 

Chilling out in your home is still somehow theory.

join me for my 12 Days free series

discover the six things that happen when you

invest only 10 Minutes

per day!

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Discover your strength

Every Woman has the talent - it's our nature to create!

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Learn to let go

Declutter at is best

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Enjoy your space

Find your happy corner

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Colors matters

The impact on color

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Money grow through plants

What plants can do for you and your income

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Get enlightened

Change a space completely with placing lamps in the right spot

Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love

free workshop starts on 23.11.2020

Hi - I am Michelle

I love well designed interior spaces that make people feel cozy, safe and surrounded by beauty at home and at work. But I got sick of watching so many Mum’s struggle with clutter, overwhelm, stress and embarrassment about their homes. Therefore after nearly 30 years in corporate business I decided to be my own boss and founded my business. 

I worked with the major players in the furnitures, real estate and interior design industries and I managed an entire subsidiary of the biggest office furniture manufacturer in Europe. Rearranging, upcycling and upgrading was, is and always will be my passion. 

With my two children and our dogs I moved a lot, so if I tell you I know how to declutter, pack and rearrange a whole house, I really know what I am talking about. Once I settled down in a place, I liked to feel home and relaxed. I enjoy a glass of good red wine on my terrace with my hubby and friends. 

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See you soon!

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