The Mum Circle

Why another club or circle for Mum’s ?  

Because we are better when we can share, support, evolve and care about each other, that is our nature calling! 

Because being able to share & connect is like breathing air.

Because overwhelm and procrastination is a big thing for many. 

Because being connected to mum’s & women all over the world can help each other.

This Circle is the place where magical secrets, on how to create a beautiful home – are shared!

The Circle of Mum’s is here to create a space where, insights on ALL Home related topics are communicated, where help and support is guaranteed and where we hold a safe space for Mum’s with overwhelm and triggers when it comes to family & home. 

What does it take to become a member ? 

1. You are a Mum 

2. You want to join a Community for Mum’s where you  finally get answers and behind the scene insights on how to create a family space. 

3. You participate so you can evolve and become the best version of your self therefore you manage your daily tasks and challenge with much more ease. 

When ?

Every 1st Monday of the month 8.30PM CET