Routines – trapped in our comfort zone

Routines – trapped in our comfort zone

Our routines, our habits are the most likeable comfort zones. 

Why ? They are predictable the  brain can calulate the outcome. It’s a safety game, because we know how it feels – and this exactly is the trap. 

You are mostly trapped in your routines and your brain is keeping you there, because it simply feels “safe”. 

First of all you need to understand, that your home  a reflection of your daily routines and your habits. Every morning you wake up in a place where you probably not feel a 100%  home – but still you wake up, brush your teeth and drink your coffee in the same way as you did it everyday before.

Your toothbrush is placed at the same spot. You mug is filled with the same amount of coffee, sugar of milk as always. Let’s face it; Routines are your comfortzone. 

Even though you don’t feel “home” in your environment, the place where you sleep, shower, eat and watch Netflix, it’s the place where you are controlled by your routines and habits.

They keep you trapped in your safe space. From time to time you inner voice speaks up and tells you all the things which need to change. The Livingroom which isn’t cosy, the Kitchen need some structure. The Hallways with his own mess and only by thinking off the chaos inside of your cabinets and drawers you feel the urge of quickly change the topic of your thinking. You grab the phone and switching over to facebook or any other social media platform. 

Maybe you are the type of woman who is highly ignoring all those inner voices. You became a ignoring-pro and after a while your body tells you;

“Look, you did’nt listen to me and ignored me and my friend Mrs.GutFeeling. We decided give you a migrane some stomach issues or a little back pain so you have the chance to think of what you really want in life.”

Your body and Mrs.GutFeeling are the fabulous team.  

Not listening to them can give you some real damn stress and you  don’t know how the heck to start stepping out of your comfortzone, right?

Things to do - out of your comfort zone

The moment you want to change or move, FEAR kicks in.

What are you going to do next?

You go back into your comfortzone, ignoring the fact that something is off and you keep going the old ways inside your comfortzone.  

I totally get it, creating a home isn’t done in one day nor Rome wasn’t build in a day neither. 

You might call it your home, but honestly if you look around it’s just a place, where your belongings are arrangend in a very functional way.

If you can relate with that, let me tell you, you are like the majority of my clients. 

You probably holding onto beliefs which aren’t serving you in the best way.

Ask yourself

“what causes you to hold on to the overwhelm?”

“where will you be in 6 month from now, if you don’t start changing and aiming for what you are seeking for?”

What would you need to do, so you can act and move out of those comfort zone activities?

Your routines and habits are mostly brain based and as a woman you most probably are holding to the belief:

“It should look like & feel like bla-bla” as you’ve seen so many other “how it should look like images” –  ? Am I right or right ?

Living in your comfort zone is a place where all your furnitures and belongings are somehow settled is a trap. 

A home is not just a place. A home is feeling you belong there. 

It’s the place where you keep and hide your personal belongings, like books, bits n pieces and things you bought, received and inherited. 

So it’s a place where you want to relax, feel comfy and simply said H O M E. 


The key.

I’ve been blaiming everything around me. 

My circumstances told me exactly how I felt. 

I was living in a place where there was nothing which made me feel home. 

So many women are blaiming themselves for not being perfect, not having the body, not being this fit, for not having this striving business and and and….

We are often blaim our circumstances – our routines, our comfortzones for not feeling enough. 

We can’t feel home if we aren’t feeling and enough, feeling home withing ourselves first. 

We are spending time on social media checking on others, pointing fingers onto them, making them responsible for how we feel. 

The key is not blaiming others for our circumstances. 

The key for a happy life and feeling home is being aware of your routines, your habits and your comfortzones.

The key is to be brave enough stepping out of your comfortzones. 

The key is to start  being the woman who you really are. 

The key is forgiving yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know.

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