The "be unique" luxury program

Once you found your own rhythm and style to decorate – there is more time for yourself, for your family and to focus on life itself. 

BE UNIQUE Luxury Program is built on the yearly events.

They are never ending. Yearly and stressful. Events with families, friends, kids, and neighbours or customers. The BE UNIQUE Luxury Program helps you through the whole year with planning out and being prepared. 

I created this program for all those;  who want to focus on life itself. The ones that don’t want to run around like chickens without a head 5 min. before stores close, to buy decoration materials.

For each yearly event there are doable tasks, preparations and challenges.  You will enjoy spring decluttering, easter decoration, halloween parties, christmas time and many more!

You can participate in all tasks and challenges, or you can pick and choose depending on what fits your personal life.

Each task and challenge are clearly defined, you’ll know exactly what do.

You’ll join an 1:1 onboarding call to get clear, after reviewed your questionnaire. Together we define your first challenge that you’ll follow.

Every month there is a one-hour support group call and a Q&A session, where all your questions will be answered.

Tailored to your needs

Fitting your style to your personal event, routine and special occasion

12 month Luxury Design Package € 3960

  • spring decluttering
  • easter decoration
  • summer holiday preparation
  • thanks giving
  • halloween
  • christmas time
  • 6 Inspirational Mood Boards with realistic ideas
  • Shopping Advice
  • Do's & Don'ts Guide
  • Monthly Calls
  • 2 Urgent Calls
  • Email & Facebook Group Support
  • 4 Masterclasses ( Quarterly )