Find out what & who you really are.

Beside upgrading spaces, rooms and homes – my passion is to get to know new people. I love to discover and learn new things about life, the world and about myself. 

Why ? 

My vision is to connect with women all over the world and help eachother as much as possible. May it be in business, personal development or even on specific topics like, money, success and leadership. The only way to make an impact and change in this world is by changing ourselves and  supporting others. After one of the most incredible coachings I ever experienced I started to live my life from the point of my alter ego. 

What ? 

Imagine, you already have your dream house, your dream partner and you are already a millionaire. Write it all down and then start to act from this persons perspective.

Its fun, easy and the change you were seeking for will come way faster than you ever imagined.  

The day I started to serve my clients, feel and live from this point of view my life changed completely. 

Be a part of my journey and change. See, feel and listen to my story from having three jobs, depths and a stressful personal life until today and beyond. Talks are online. 

I would love to connect with YOU are you ready for a change? 

When ?

Every 1st Monday of the month ( LIVE zoom )